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Characteristics of Dragon

Characteristics of Dragon

Dragon, an imaginary animal, ranks the fifth in the Chinese Zodiac. People belong to the sign of the dragon are of great ambition and intelligent. They are resolute and enthusiastic for what they are going to do. Dragons are generous to others and obedient to their parents.

But dragons tend to be subjunctive and stubborn. They would not like to listen to others and are lack of patience. When they have difficulty in what they are pursuing, they would give up rather than stick to it.

Though hardworking, dragons are healthy in general. Their ambitious and inpatient personalities may lead to stress and tension, thus regular slow exercises like Yoga or walking are good advice for keep good health for dragons.

Dragons are ambitious and enthusiastic at their career. Also they are confident and would like to take challenge. They are likely to success if they have seized the great opportunity in their career. However, as dragons are impatient, when they have seatbacks, they would give up halfway.

Dragons are generous and warm to their loved ones. They have the charm of mysterious and mature, and they pay attention to the atmosphere when dealing with others. But dragons incline to be hesitant to move forward in a relationship. However, once they find the right person, they will make a permanent commitment.

Best match with: Rooster, Monkey, Rat, Snake
Worst match with: Dog