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Characteristics of Horse

Characteristics of Horse

The sign of horse is ranked in the seventh place among all the animals in the Chinese Zodiac. People born in the year of the horse are energetic and enthusiastic. They are independent and bold with an outgoing personality. Usually horses quick-witted and have sense of humor endowed them a persuasive and good eloquence. Also horses are resolute and decisive, they are not afraid of difficulties when they decide to do something.
But on the other hand, horses always make efforts in pursuing freedom and do not like regulations or restrictions. They are considered to be self-centered and impatient.

People belong to the sign of horse are usually very healthy for their positive and active attitude for life. They only become ill when they are too much responsibility and stress from work.

Horses are creative and innovative, they do not like boring routine jobs and obey orders. As horses are quick-witted and have sense of humors, horses are competent at jobs interacting with others. Good choices career choices for horses are language instructor, translator publicist, sales representative, journalist, performer and tour operator.

Pleasant and easy going, open-minded and talkative, horses are easily and comfortable to get along with. They like to take part in different occasions and are quite popular among friends.

Best match with: Goat, Dog, Snake
Worst match with: Rat, Ox