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Characteristics of Monkey

Characteristics of Monkey

The monkey takes the ninth position of all the animals in Chinese Zodiac. People belong to the sign of monkey are wise and quick-witted. They are competitive and are good problem-solver. They have many interests and are versatile. They are curious and energetic, willing to take challenge and fond of exciting things.

But monkeys tend to be sly and jealous. Sometimes they are suspicious and stubborn, sometimes they are snobbish and manipulative, and this may be the reason why most people do not trust monkeys.

Monkeys seldom get sick because of their active lifestyles. But when they feel nervous, they are likely to experience illness.

Monkeys are diligent at work. Especially when they are doing what they are interested in, it is highly possible they would succeed. Their quick-witted and flexible personality make monkeys excellent at get themselves adapted to different working environment. People born in the year of monkey are suitable for careers of engineer, scientist, stock market trader, air traffic controller, dealer, film director, jeweler and sales representative.

Witty and talkative, monkeys are sociable and easily to get along with. But as they are always curious and like exciting things, they would easily get bored with others.

Best match with: Rat, Snake, Dragon
Worst match with: Tiger