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Characteristics of Oxen

Characteristics of Oxen

Ox is ranked in the second place in Chinese Zodiac. People born in the year of Ox are characterized with diligent, dependable and strong responsible. Oxen are honest to others and have great endurance for what they do. They attach great responsibility to justice, home and their families.
But oxen are stubborn and unwilling to exchange ideas with others.

Oxen generally have a strong and robust body with a long life span. But oxen usually put too much effort in their work, they tend to forget meals and have few rests. Regular relax and meals are advised for oxen to keep fit.

Oxen are competent at their career as they are hard working, keen to details and have admirable work ethic. They hold a serious and responsible attitude for their work and always stick to trying to do their work at best. Good career choices for oxen are mechanic, engineer, draftsman, banker, broker, interior designer, painter, carpenter, quarry worker and archeologist.

Oxen are not good at communication and not interested in social activities. But they are honest and dependable. They are born to have great responsibility, thus oxen tend to keep stable and long term relationships with others.

Best match with: Rooster, Pig, Snake, Rat
Worst match with: Goat, Horse, Dog