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Characteristics of Pig

Characteristics of Pig

The sign of pig is the last one of all the animals in Chinese Zodiac. People belong to the sign of pig are sincere, honest and sympathy. They are reliable and integral with great sense of responsibility. They are amicable and always ready to help others, but they give more than ask. Pigs are decisive and dedicated. Once they decide to do something, they will try their best to achieve their goals. Yet pigs are materialistic and self-indulgent to some extent. They tend to trust other easily, thus they are gullible.

Even though pigs enjoy a general good health, their materialistic and self-indulgent personality put great burden on them. They seek entertainment and are social person yet not active at sports, this unhealthy lifestyle lead to excessive eating and drinking and may cause health problems like overweight.

Pigs are hard working and helping at their work. They have great sense of responsibility and always could be counted on. Their rich creativity and imagination in addition to their bravery and dedication endow pigs a smooth career and great fortune. Recommended careers for pigs are entertainer, caterer, doctor, actor, surgeon, publicist, interior decorator.

Since pigs are pure and helpful, sincere and honest. In addition to their social trait, pigs enjoy great popularity among friends. They are affectionate and quite faithful to their partners. Therefore, pigs usually have smooth relationships.

Best match with: Rabbit, Ox, Rooster, Goat, Dog
Worst match with: Snake