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Characteristics of Rabbit

Characteristics of Rabbit

Rabbit takes the fourth sign of Chinese Zodiac. People born in the year of rabbit are generally gentle, kind and positive. Rabbits are sensitive and considerable for others. They are elegant and alert, they hold good manner when dealing with others. These likable personalities make rabbits good at meeting others satisfaction.

But people belong to the rabbit zodiac do not have stable emotions. Most of rabbits are jealous and have great vanity. They are too cautious and conservative, and are likely to escape from reality.

Rabbits have a general health condition. But rabbits are likely to withhold their feelings and stress, which may cause ill for a long term. Regular exercises would benefit rabbits a lot for good health.

Rabbits would like to seek a secure career with steady income and less stress. Rabbits tend to be content with their present situation, so they are lack of enthusiasm and motivation in their careers. Good career choices for rabbits are fashion designer, therapist, doctor, administrator, public relations, and teacher.

Rabbits are good at interpersonal relationships with their gentle, kind, polite manners. They are cautious and are not easily to trust others. Once they have trust for others, they are loyal both to friendship and love.

Best match with: Pig, Tiger, Goat, Dog
Worst match with: Rat, Rooster