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Characteristics of Rat

Characteristics of Rat

Rat is the first zodiac sign of the twelve Chinese Zodiac. Rats always hold a positive attitude for what they are going to do. They are intelligent and hardworking. With their characteristics of quick-witted and active, rats are easily to get themselves adapted to new environment. They have a sharp observation and organized thinking method, which benefit them successful in what they are doing. 

However, rats are lack of courage and insight, which have been the major obstacles in their career and life. Being suspicious and conservative is another weakness of rats.

No worries for health of rats as they are generally healthy because of their active attitude to keep fit and stay in shape.

The intelligence and sharp observation of rats benefit them a lot in their career. In addition to their active attitude for what they are doing, rats generally have a smooth career. Suitable career choices for rat zodiac are politician, lawyer, researcher, entrepreneur, broadcaster, writer, musician, administrator, director and race car driver.

With an active charming personality, rats are usually attractive and can make a lot of friends. They are interested in various kinds of social activities. As they are curious, they are good at meeting new people. But their overactive personality makes them easily to break off with others.

Best match with: Ox, Dragon, Monkey
Worst match with: Horse, Goat, Rabbit, Rooster