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Characteristics of Rooster

Characteristics of Rooster

The sign of rooster ranks the tenth position of all the animals in Chinese Zodiac. People belong to the sign of rooster are very energetic and talkative. They are resolute and acute, neat and organized. People born in the year of rooster are quite confident and self-assured. They like to be the center of the spotlight, they are always proud of themselves and like to boast their charm and achievements. Yet roosters like to show off and are critical. They always want compliments from people around them and their selfishness easily annoy others.

There are no worries about the health of roosters as they are always active and sociable. They like to do various kinds of sports to keep in good health.

Roosters are hard working and motivated in their work. They have versatile skills and can handle with problems effectively. Good career choices for people born in the year of rooster are banker, dentist, insurance agent, secretary, soldier, fireman, security guard, and police officer.

Roosters are zealous and loyal to their loved ones. They are frank and honest to say what they want to say, this method may not work with those sensitive people.

Best match with: Ox, Pig, Dragon, Snake
Worst match with: Rabbit, Rat