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Characteristics of Snake

Characteristics of Snake

The sign of snake occupies the sixth position in the twelve animals of Chinese Zodiac. People belong to the snake sign are dedicated and responsible for what they are doing. They are ingenuous and intelligent, and are commonly considered as deep thinkers. Snakes usually have a calm or even cold appearance when dealing with others, actually they are enthusiastic inside.

However, snakes are bad communicators. They are possessive and shrewd, giving little trust to others. They are materistic people and are fond of luxurious things.

Snakes enjoy good health when they are living a calm and peaceful life. However, snakes easily get stressed when there are disorders in their lives. Too much stress would get snakes become ill. Therefore, a manageable workload and enough relax are highly recommended for snakes.

Diligent and intelligent, quick-witted and creative as snakes are, they are generally excellent in their career. However, the unstable and changeable factors in their personalities make them easily get bored at what they are doing. Therefore, snakes tend to be job-hoppers most of the time. Suitable career choices for snakes include scientist, analyst, investigator, painter, sociologist, astrologer, jeweler and magician.

Snakes are cunning at attracting others. But as they are possessive and bad at communicating with others, snakes do not have a lot of friends. Snakes are insecure, so they are careful at choosing a friend. A betray should never happen to snakes, or they would get furious.

Best match with: Horse, Rooster, Dragon, Ox
Worst match with: Pig