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Characteristics of Tiger

Characteristics of Tiger

The zodiac sign of tiger occupies the third position in Chinese Zodiac. People born in the year of Tiger are usually ambitious, confident and brave. They are assertive and willing to take challenges , which makes them competent leaders. Tigers possess great sense of justice and are willing to help others, which enables tigers be very popular among people.

However, tigers incline to be overconfident and usually emotional. Tigers are cocky and do not like to obey others.

Overall, tigers enjoy good health. Small illness usually does not happen to them as they take active moves to do sports. But tigers are emotional and overconfident, they do not care small details in daily life and work which make cause disorder in meals and sleeping. Also tigers should pay attention to do warm-up exercises when doing outdoor sports to avoid unnecessary injury.

Tigers are confident and willing to take challenges。 they are not afraid of problems and always keep up moving on. These advantages make tigers are good at leaderships. Suitable career choices for tigers are advertising agent, office manager, travel agent, actor, flight attendant, musician, comedian and chauffeur.

Being the king of animals, tigers tend to be in the dominant roles in relationship. They are not good at expressing their feelings, instead they incline to express by commanding methods.

Best match with: Dog, Rabbit, Horse
Worst match with: Monkey