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Chinese Architecture Styles

Chinese Architecture Styles
Chinese Architecture Styles
Chinese Architecture Styles
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Chinese architectural art is one of the longest, widest geographical distribution, with a special plastic arts styles and systems in the history of world architecture.Chinese ancient architecture change for different geographical and ethnic architectural style,But they have common characteristic at aspects of its traditional architecture group layout, space, structure, building materials and decorative arts.There are many types of ancient Chinese architecture,such as Imperial Architecture, Altars, temples, pagodas, houses and Garden Architecture.

Imperial Architecture
Palace has always occupied an important position in the ancient Chinese architecture. Unfortunately, many palace buildings have been destroyed for the history reason.One of the most complete and most beautiful palaces preserved now is the Forbidden City in Beijing.It is one of the best buildings in the world.As the outstanding achievement,it reflects the special style of ancient architecture.

Garden Architecture
The classical garden is different in the size, style, and the way to exhibit their own characteristics. No matter the south or north, the royal palace of feudal emperors or the private garden bureaucrats,the classical gardens are all different for their region and the main park in the political, economic position.