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Tang Dynasty (618 – 907)

Tang Dynasty (618 – 907)
Figure painting had achieved high elegant realism in the art of the court of Southern Tang (937-975). Zhou Fang is one of the artists reflect the splendor of court life in painting such as emperors, palace ladies, and imperial horses.

Fine black lines and brilliant color and elaborate detail are always used in most of the Tang artists to outlined figures.But there is one unusual Tang artist , the master Wu Daozi, who only used black ink and freely painted brushstrokes to create ink paintings.It were so exciting that crowds gathered to watch him work.After Wu Daozi, ink paintings were valued as finished works of art instead of thought to be preliminary sketches or outlines to be filled in with color.

Many paintings were landscapes,also called shanshui paintings("mountain water"),from the Tang Dynasty. In these landscapes, monochromatic and sparse which is called shuimohua,the purpose is to grasp an emotion or atmosphere so as to catch the "rhythm" of nature instead of reproduce exactly the appearance of nature.