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Yunnan Cuisine

Yunnan Cuisine
Yunnan Cuisine
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Yunnan borders Sichuan, Tibet, Guangxi, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, with 25 ethnic groups inhabiting. Its diverse cultures and numerous neighbors reflect on its food, in both flavor and cooking methods. The dishes in the northeast part of Yunnan resemble Sichuan Cuisine, while food in the west and southwest parts is influenced by Tibetan, ethnic Hui, and other ethnic groups.

However, in the south of Yunnan, where is blessed with mild climate, abundant rainfall and natural resources, dishes and food here are reckoned genuine Yunnan style. The main features of Yunnan dish are: widely selected ingredients, greatly varied flavors, tendency of preserving foods’ natural tastes.

Famous Dishes:

Bridge-crossing Rice Noodles (Guoqiaomixian) 
Rice noodles served with a bowl of chicken soup and various ingredients such as pork slices, chicken slices, fish slices, garlic chives, tofu skin and peas. 

Lemongrass Roasted Fish (Xiangmaocaokaoyu) 
It is an ethnic Dai dish. Fish is bonded to bamboo pieces and cooked on fire, added with local lemongrass so that it has the unique and pleasant lemongrass fragrant. A special Dai tomato sauce is used as condiment.

Yiliang Roasted Duck (Yiliangshaoya) 
You can choose between the tender baby duck and adult juicy duck. The duck is cooked with scallion, Sichuan pepper, and sauce.

Dali Rushan Cheese (Dalirushan) 
It is an ethnic Bai dairy dates back to the Qing Dynasty.

Mushroom Hot Pot (Yeshengjunhuoguo) 
There grows over one hundred kinds of mushrooms in Yunnan. Mushrooms garnered right after the rainfall are the freshest and tastiest. Some mushrooms are poisonous but the mushrooms used for hot pot are all safe for consumption.

Steamed-pot Chicken (Qiguoji) 
Braise the chicken in a steam pot, sometimes with herbals. The steam pot is made by skillful craftsmen using a kind of clay that produced in that region. The craftsman will carve pictures and patterns to decorate the pot. It is one of the local craft in Yunnan.

Pineapple Glutinous Rice (Boluozimifan)
Immerse glutinous rice in water for 7 to 8 hours, scoop out the inside of a pineapple and put the rice into it, and then steam the whole thing in a special pot.

Dai Bamboo Rice (Zhutongfan) 
When the season for new bamboo comes, Dai people always make bamboo rice. In the old days, men have to travel far to hunt. Their wives will cook rice in bamboo sections so that the men can carry the rice easily with them. By simply putting salt and pork in the bamboo section with the rice, and steam together, you will get one of the best dishes in Yunnan.