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Very well organized, nice people

Cilent : omairasansegundo

Country : USA

Date : 11/19/2015

Tour : China Landscape 15 Days Tour

We got the opportunity to travel with China Tour Advisors, they really took care of all our needs, their guides are well trained and everything was well organized. 

If I could suggest anything is to reduce the pressure the sales people place on you, Beijing was specially uncomfortable as the guide would not let us go until we accompanied the sales person for 45 minutes, and they were really insistent. 

For the rest, Xian and Guilin were the best. Over all I would say they are really good and they are a fantastic option for the money ! 

 Very nice company, nice tours, well planed and well organized ! it took me a while to come back and write this review but they have been in my heart all year !


how much?

thank you.

Asked by Nick Ivakhnik on Apr.13, 2014 20:39Add Answer


Thanks for your message. As you can see on our website, the price is different based on different amount of people and the hotel level. For example, if you have 2 people and you would like to stay in the 3 stars hotel, the quotation would be USD 3117/person. Any further questions, please send to our mail-box: Thank you!

Answered by Steven on Apr.14, 2014 15:32