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Shenzhen Flights Schedule

Brief Introduction to Shenzhen Flights:
Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport is an modern international air harbor with air, sea and land intermodal transportation. By the end of 2007, it has had nearly 140 flight courses to 18 countries and regions. Some 30 airlines open flights in Shenzhen. The ferry terminal nearby the airport brings great convenient to those passengers who need transfer to Hong Kong. In additional to major cities in China, it also offers flights to Wuyishan, Lijiang, Sanya, Guilin, those popular tourist destinations. As to the international flights, there are two flights a week to Seoul, daily flights to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and three flights a week to Ho Chi Minh, connecting flights to Tokyo via Shanghai Pudong, Osaka via Fuzhou, Los Angeles via Beijing and Seoul, San Francisco via Beijing and more connecting flights to New York, Vancouver, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Christchurch, Frankfurt, Paris, Roma, Milan, London, Moscow, Stockholm and Kathmandu. 

Shenzhen Flight Schedule:
The following is a list of partial flights departing from Shenzhen to other cities. Please regard it as a reference. You can search more flight schedules to other destinations from Shenzhen in real time through the Flight Search Tool above.  

Flight No.


Departure Time

Arrival Time

Full Ticket of First Class

 Full Ticket of Economy Class

CA1306 Beijing 08:10 11:00 CNY4,190 CNY1,910
ZH9831 Beijing 15:00 18:00 CNY4,190 CNY1,910
MU5368 Shanghai 07:50 09:50 CNY2,960 CNY1,560
ZH9813 Shanghai 11:40 13:55 CNY2,960 CNY1,560
CZ3557 Shanghai 14:00 16:15 CNY2,960 CNY1,560
ZH9987 Xian 08:40 11:15 CNY3,090 CNY1,790
CZ6989 Xian 14:20 16:40 CNY3,090 CNY1,790
CZ3274 Nanning 09:45 10:55 CNY1,710 CNY1,000
ZH9857 Nanjing 09:20 11:20 CNY2,920 CNY1,540
MF8332 Xiamen 09:25 10:25 CNY1,530 CNY900
CZ3240 Guilin 09:50 10:55 CNY1,300 CNY770
ZH9833 Kunming 14:05 16:30 CNY2,390 CNY1,400
CZ3451 Lijiang 14:15 18:10 CNY3,090 CNY1,790
MF8314 Wuyishan 13:35 16:00 CNY1,670 CNY1,000
HU7325 Sanya 11:30 12:50 CNY1,500 CNY1,050
CZ6511 Hohhot 08:20 12:50 CNY3,720 CNY2,140
ZH9947 Wuhan 12:20 14:10 CNY1,920 CNY1,140
CZ3213 Xining 08:50 13:50 CNY3,780 CNY2,170
ZH9987 Yinchuan 08:40 13:00 CNY3,560 CNY2,050
MU2483 Haikou 16:50 17:45 CNY1,350 CNY800
ZH9935 Tianjin 12:50 15:50 CNY3,490 CNY2,010
ZH9771 Harbin 11:00 15:20 CNY5,080 CNY2,620
SC1182 Jinan 11:15 13:55 CNY2,710 CNY1,860
ZH9989 Hefei 11:15 13:00 CNY2,300 CNY1,350

International Flights

Flight No.


Airline Company



CA919 Tokyo Air China 6h55m Daily
CA903 Ho Chi Minh Air China 1h30m Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
ZH9787  Seoul Shenzhen Airlines 3h50m Every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday
AK081 Kuala Lumpur Air Asia 3h50m Daily
SQ5161 Singapore Singapore Airlines 4h0m Every Monday, Friday and Sunday

Other Major Domestic China Flights

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