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Qufu Dining

Qufu's food and cuisine is Lu Cuisine (Shangdong Cuisine).Visitors can not miss traditional Confucius family cuisine.It’s said that Confucius was picky about food and in great detail how each dish should be made. His descendents developed Confucian cuisine which tends to be light in flavour.

Dai Zi Shang Chao:The dish means emperor takes his son see the Majesty.It is made of duck and dove. First, shed down the duck and dove’s feather,make them clean and take out the abdominal contents. Cut down the duck and dove’s mouths and take the tongue out of the duck.Then, fry the duck and dove to their skin become red. Next, put them into the clay pot and stew.At last,after take them out, put the dove into the duck.

Feng Huang Yu Chi: This dish is made of a chick and shark's fin.Firstly,get rid of the he feather of the chick and clean it. Cut the chick along the back (don't cut its chest.),secondly, break it bones and covered with soy sauce.Thirdly, fry it to the golden color. Next, add some seasonings and stew it.At last,take out the chick and covered with shark's fin in the plate.