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Xishuangbanna Dining

Xishuangbanna is Dai Autonomous Prefecture. So cuisine of Dai ethnic group is the specialty here. In Dai cuisine, sticky rice, roast meat, and seafood make up the daily diet. Certainly, tropical fruits play important role in their food too.

Grilled fish with Lemongrass

Grilled fish with lemongrass is a traditional Dai dish. Wrap the cleaned fish with fragrant lemongrass and grill them. In the cooking process, spread some lard oil on the fish to add more flavor. When it is completed, the dish smells so good and the meat is crisp outside and tender inside.

Pineapple Purple Rice

Pineapple Purple Rice is also a signature dish in Dai cuisine. Soak the purple rice with water for seven to eight hours. Then pulp the pineapple and put the ready purple rice into the pineapple container. The cooking method is steaming which can preserve the original and best balanced flavor. The dish is tasty and nutritious. It is good for human blood and lung.