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Tips for Camping
An adventure at the Great Wall includes not only hiking but also camping at the Great Wall. Camping at the Great Wall is a great opportunity to get close to the environment and feel the history of the Great Wall, and it helps you get deeper understanding of this architectural wonder. Enjoy a peaceful night by camping at the Great Wall, appreciate the stunning scenery of the Great Wall at sunrise and sunset, and appreciate the starry sky in the evening, camping at the Great Wall will be an unforgettable memory and experience to you.
For tourists planning camping at the Great Wall, here are some basic tips:
Tips 1. Please be aware that there are only some sections of the Great Wall are allowed for camping, like Huanghuacheng Great Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall, Gubeikou Great Wall, and Jiankou Great Wall. Badaling Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall are not available for camping.
Tips 2. Security always comes first and never camp alone at the Great Wall. For tourists not familiar with the conditions of the Great Wall, it is advised to arrange a Great Wall camping tour with a professional tour company that provides specialized Great Wall camping tour, like China Tour Advisors. But if you are planning camping by yourself, be sure to go with some experienced camp enthusiasts.
Tips 3. If you are camping by yourself, bring an appropriate sleeping bag that is suitable for the season. If you are taking a tent, bring a moisture-proof pad. A tour company will provide sleeping bag if you are doing the camping with it.
Tips 4. It would be cold in the evening and early morning at the Great Wall, remember to bring warm coat.
Tips 5. Camp at a mature camping site that has good sanitary condition. Usually there are places that are circled specially for campers.
Tips 6. Do bring sufficient food and water, especially clean bottled water.
Tips 7. Bring survival tool kit, including LED flashlight and survival knife. Small first aid kit is also necessary.
Tips 8. Pitch your tent before dark and be careful to look out for bugs and insects.
Tips 9. Behave yourself at the Great Wall, do not litterand graffiti.
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