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Burqin County is located in the northern part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It lies in the southwest of Altai Mountain and the north of Dzungaria Basin. It is adjacent to Russia and Kazakhstan to the northwest, Mongolia to the northeast, Altaile City to the east, Habahe County to the west, Jimunai County and Fuhai County to the south. It has a border line of 218 kilometers long and is the only county that shares a border with Russia. Burqin County covers a land of 10369.45 square kilometers.

Topography of Burqin is divided into three regions, central mountains, southern low mountains and hills and southern semi-desert and low mountainous area. Burqin County has a continental climate with dry and hot summers, severe cold winters. It has a small rainfall volume with larger evaporation capacity. There is abundant sunshine in Burqin County with great temperature difference between day and night, and this is why it is rich in agricultural resources. Also in Burqin, there are abundant forest resources, flora and fauna resources, mineral resources, and wind resources.

Burqin County is a hot tourism destination in Xinjiang tourism. It has a rich variety of tourism resources with unique natural landscapes and cultural relics. There are charming alpine lakes, magnificent mountains, splendid glaciers, ancient forests, green grasslands, unique Yadang landforms, rare animals and cultural heritages. There are Kanas Nature Reserve in Burqin County, there are the spectacular of Tuerke and Kugen rock paintings, Friendship Peak and many other attractions in Burqin County.

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