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Haikou is the capital of Hainan Province,known as the 'Coconut City'.It’s the second largest island in China.Haikou originally served as a port for Qiongshan, the ancient administrative capital of Hainan island. In the 13th century Haikou was fortified as a military post governed by the Ming dynasty (1368–1644).

It is the provincial administrative center of Hainan as well being the focus of the local economy, culture and transportation. The port is located in the west of Nandu river outlet. Qiongshan was opened as a foreign trading city because of the Treaty of Tianjin (1858). The city features beautiful sunshine, crystal water and soft sand.

It stands at the northern end of Hainan Island, on the west bank of the Nandu River estuary. This river is the longest on the island and the city's name appropriately means 'Mouth of the Sea'.In 1926, Haikou overtook Qiongshan in population ,and after the 1930s it was declared a separate administrative county.

Since 1949, Haikou has maintained its position as Hainan's main port, handling more than half of the island's trade. It has replaced Qiongshan as the island's administrative capital. Haikou got the capital of Hainan Province, founded in 1988.

The downtown area of the city has an excellent environment with streets lined with coconut palms. The Old Haikou (the oldest area of Haikou) was mostly built by the rich Chinese from the mainland and some overseas Chinese who returned to their homeland. The buildings’style mixed with Portuguese, French and Southeast Asian style.

These streets used to be divided into areas for medicine, silk and clothing, agricultural products, stationery, etc. Here there are modern and convenient public transport facilities and all that is best in a tropical seaside city which is pollution free and meets the needs of the tourist in a friendly and welcoming way.

Besides its natural resources, Haikou has a number of important sites of historical interest. Various projects are take measures to preserve these historical buildings like Temple of Five Lords (Five Official's Temple), the Tomb of Hai Rui and the Xiuying Emplacement which all remind of the historical importance of the city.

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