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Hohhot has a total land area of 17224 square kilometers,and its administration Yuquan District, Huimin District, Xincheng District, Saihan District and Tolmud left Banner, Tokto County, Horinger County, Qingshuihe County, Wuchuan County, 9 districts, counties, banner and one national level Economic and Technological Development Zone, including a population of 2.63 million with inhabited by the 36 ethnic groups including the Mongolians as the main body,the Han,Hui,Manchu,Korean,Daur,and Oroqen ethnic groups.

Hohhot lies at an average of 1050 meters above sea-level in the middle temperate in-land regions,the annual precipitation is 300-500 milliliters,yearly average temperature is about 8℃.Here is blue shy and green land,no chilliness in winter and no intense heat in summer,has different four season with inviting views,named as the heaven of grassland.

The main tourist attractions of Hohhot include Dazhao Temple and Xiaozhao Temple of the Ming Dynasty, Temple of the Five Pagodas built in the Qing Dynasty, the Big Mosque, Inner Mongolia Museum, the Tomb of Wang Zhaojun, etc. The north of the city is best known for the Great Green Mountain scenery. There you can get up close to the Hasuhai Lake, magnificent Table Mountain and the vast Ordos Grassland. The unique geological conditions and diverse plant species make the area a rare and fantastic tourist destination. 

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