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As the well known Ceramic Capital, Jingdezhen city is a town with a long history and rich culture, also is one of the four famous towns in Chinese history. It lies in the northeast of Jiangxi Province and on the south of the Yangtze River. To its northwest is Dongzhi County of Anhui Province and south to Wannian County, west to Boyang County, southeast to Wuyuan County. The northeast part covers an area of 5256 square kilometers. Jingdezhen comprises one city, one county and two districts under its jurisdiction including: Leping City, Fuliang County, Zhushan District and Changjiang District. 

Located in the transitional area between the Huangshan - Haiyushang mountain range and the Plain of Poyang Lake at longitudes 116°57' - 117°42' east and latitudes 28°44' - 29°56' south, Jingdezhen city has moonsoon subtropical climate. The city enjoys enough sunshine, sufficient rainfall and a mild and moist climate, with clearly demarcated four seasons.

Jingdezhen has beautiful scenery featured by a network of many rivers and streams as well as a chain of mountain peaks one rising higher than another. The city is 320 meters above sea level with an average temperature of 170 ° C, an annual rainfall of 1763.5 millimeters, and average annual sunshine of 2009.8 hours. 

Jingdezhen is the world famous Porcelain Capital, listed with Foshan in Guangdong Province, Hankou in Hubei Province and Zhuxianzhen inHenan Province as the four porcelain towns in Chinese history. It is on China’s State Council primary list of cultural/historical cities. 

The porcelain made in Jingdezhen enjoys the praise of "as white as jade, as thin as paper, as sound as a bell, as bright as a mirror" .Guo Moruo (the late famous historian and scholar) highly praised the brilliant ceramic history and culture in Jingdezhen and the ceramics connected the Jingdezhen to the world closely with the poem that "China is well known by the porcelain, the famous porcelains are made in Jingdezhen". 

History of Jingdezhen

As the world-famed ceramic capital, Jingdezhen has a long history of ceramics making and a rich cultural heritage. In accordance with the historical records, “Xinping (as the city was known as then) began to make pottery in Han Dynasty”. It is evident that pottery was first made in Jingdezhen in Han Dynasty.

In the first year in Jingde Reign of Song Dynasty (1004), the royal court decreed the city made porcelain wares for imperial use with the wording “Made during the Jingde Reign” printed on the bottom of every piece. Hence the city got its name “Jingdezhen”.

From Yuan Dynasty to Ming and Qing Dynasty, emperors sent their officials to Jingdezhen to supervise the manufacture of royal porcelain. They set up the Porcelain Office and built the royal kiln, which produced many wonderful ceramic articles. Among them were those particularly famous for the four classic decorations: blue and white, famille rose, rice-pattern and color glaze. The Porcelain Wares for Chairman Mao Zedong, the Wares for the" APEC" and the Wares for tire Stale Hotel (Guesthouse) and other ceramic art works are all greatly appreciated in the world.

Administrative divisions

Jingdezhen belonged to Fuliang County for most of its history (particularly when it was Changnan Town). However, now the administrative hierarchy is inverted; Fuliang County now is part of Jingdezhen City. At present, Jingdezhen is divided into 1 county, 1 county city, and two districts as following:
Zhushan District: it is Jingdezhen's center; most of its industrial and commercial enterprises are in this area, which comprises over nine towns and townships.
Changjiang District: it is one of the two districts of Jingdezhen, comprising six towns and townships.
Leping is a county-level city: this city is governed by Jingdezhen. 
Fuliang County: it comprises 17 towns and townships. It is the largest of the four areas.

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