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Chinese Safety & Security

The following are some tips to make sure traveling safely:

1. Make sure you have quite much information of the place you will travel to.
2. Make several copies of your passport, traveler's checks, credit cards, itinerary, airline tickets and other travel documents. Take one copy with you and leave one copy with a relative or friend back home.
3. Be sure the photographs on your passport, driver's license and other ID is accurate, and be sure your passport, driver's license and other ID is valid and not expiring before you return from your trip.
4. Take care of your bags when you are in the crowd places
5. When you lost your thing during the tour, please call the police in China, telephone no. is 110.
6. Dress down, leave expensive jewelry and watches at home and don't show large amounts of cash or traveler's check in public.
7. During your tour, when you have free time, you may want to go somewhere on your own by taxi, it's better ask the hotel staff to arrange taxi service for you, take a hotel card with you or ask your tour guide / receptionist to write down the names of the hotels and places you want to go in both English and Chinese before getting in the car. Remember the number of the taxi in case you leave something in it. Of course it is better to get the taxi invoice; it can help you to find the taxi easily.
8. Prepare a guide book with some useful words and phrases both in Chinese and English. You can show the matchbook to a policeman or a local people if you need to find out and say like: “Where is the restrooms?” or “Where is KFC?” etc.
9. Respect the customs of local people, especially when you go to visit the areas of different minorities, ask your tour guides about the proper etiquettes, behaviors, manners and taboos to avoid offending people. Because people in different cities have different etiquettes, it is better to know it in advance.
10. Most people in China are friendly, and some of them are eager to practice English, it is delightful to talk with them, but never go to anywhere with a stranger.
11. If you are to take the train during your tour in China, be sure you take your train at the right railway station because some of the big cities in China may have two or more railway stations, and when you get to the railway station, be careful with all your properties since the railway stations in China are always crowded, and never entrust your luggage to someone not in uniform. While you are on the train, be sure your passport, your credit cards and all valuable things are put in a safe place. Please also pay attention to the persons around you especially when you take the night train.