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Cruise schedule docked at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in 2017

2017 Ship Calls

The cruise schedule of 2017 for Kai Tak Cruise Terminal should only be used as a reference. Cruise vacationers should not solely rely on the following cruise schedule information without contacting your cruiselines company for the actual date and time.


Date Ship Name STA STD  
Fr 13-Jan-2017 Celebrity Millennium 0700    
Sa 14-Jan-2017 Celebrity Millennium     turn
Su 15-Jan-2017 Celebrity Millennium   1500  
Mo 16-Jan-2017 Norwegian Star 0700 1600 turn
Tu 17-Jan-2017 HAL Volendam 0700 2300 turn
Sa 21-Jan-2017 Seabourn Sojourn 0700   turn
Su 22-Jan-2017 Seabourn Sojourn   2300  


Date Ship Name STA STD  
Sa 04-Feb-2017 World Odyssey 0800   transit
Su 05-Feb-2017 World Odyssey   2000  
Fr 10-Feb-2017 Celebrity Millennium 0700    
Sa 11-Feb-2017 Celebrity Millennium     turn
Sa 11-Feb-2017 Celebrity Constellation 0900 1900 transit
Su 12-Feb-2017 Celebrity Millennium   2000  
Sa 18-Feb-2017 Seabourn Sojourn 0700   turn
Su 19-Feb-2017 Seabourn Sojourn   2300  
Su 19-Feb-2017 Oceania Nautica 0800    
Mo 20-Feb-2017 Oceania Nautica     turn
Tu 21-Feb-2017 Oceania Nautica   1700  
Tu 28-Feb-2017 HAL Volendam 0700 2300 turn


Date Ship Name STA STD  
Th 02-Mar-2017 MS Amsterdam 0800   ? turn
Fr 03-Mar-2017 MS Amsterdam   1800  
Fr 10-Mar-2017 Celebrity Millennium 0700    
Sa 11-Mar-2017 Celebrity Constellation 0700 1700 transit
Sa 11-Mar-2017 Celebrity Millennium   2000 turn
Sa 18-Mar-2017 Seabourn Sojourn 0700 1600 turn
Sa 18-Mar-2017 Queen Mary 2 0630 2300 turn
Su 19-Mar-2017 Hapag-Lloyd MS Europa 2 1700    
Mo 20-Mar-2017 Hapag-Lloyd MS Europa 2   2200 turn
Tu 21-Mar-2017 MV Magellan 0800    
Tu 21-Mar-2017 Oceania Nautica 1300   transit
We 22-Mar-2017 Oceania Nautica   1600  
We 22-Mar-2017 MV Magellan   2200 turn
Tu 28-Mar-2017 HAL Volendam 0700 2300 turn
We 29-Mar-2017 Genting World 1230 2030  
We 29-Mar-2017 Regent Seven Seas Voyager 1130   transit
Th 30-Mar-2017 Regent Seven Seas Voyager   2100  


Date Ship Name ?STA ?STD  
Sa 01-Apr-2017 Queen Mary 2 0630 2300 turn
Fr 07-Apr-2017 Celebrity Millennium 0700    
Sa 08-Apr-2017 Celebrity Millennium     turn
Su 09-Apr-2017 Celebrity Millennium   1700  
We 12-Apr-2017 Diamond Princess 0700 2300 transit
Su 16-Apr-2017 Costa Fortuna 1400   transit
Mo 17-Apr-2017 Costa Fortuna   1600  
Th 27-Apr-2017 Legend of the Seas 0600 1700 turn


Date Ship Name STA STD  


Date Ship Name STA STD  
Fr 02-Jun-2017 Golden Princess 0800 2300 ? transit
Tu 27-Jun-2017 Majestic Princess 0700   ? transit
We 28-Jun-2017 Majestic Princess   2300  


Date Ship Name STA STD  
Sa 28-Oct-2017 Celebrity Millennium 0700    
Sa 28-Oct-2017 Diamond Princess 0900   transit
Su 29-Oct-2017 Diamond Princess   1800  
Su 29-Oct-2017 Celebrity Millennium     turn
Mo 30-Oct-2017 Celebrity Millennium   2000  


Th 09-Nov-2017 HAL Volendam 0800    
Fr 10-Nov-2017 HAL Volendam   2300 turn
Mo 13-Nov-2017 Sapphire Princess 0700   turn
Tu 14-Nov-2017 Sapphire Princess   2000  
Sa 18-Nov-2017 Celebrity Millennium 0700 1700 transit


We 20-Dec-2017 HAL Volendam 0700 2300 turn
Sa 23-Dec-2017 Celebrity Millennium 0700    
Su 24-Dec-2017 Celebrity Millennium   1930 turn
Tu 26-Dec-2017 Norwegian Star 0700    
We 27-Dec-2017 Norwegian Star   1700 turn

Shore Excursion to Hong Kong and Macau


Sapphire Princess will be docked at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. Arrival: 08:00, 4 May, 2016; Leave: 19:00, 5 May, 2016.

We do not pickup from the cruise terminal. The closest hotel in our pick up list is Harbour Grand Kowloon. The address is 20 Tak Fung Street, Whampoa Garden, Hunghom, Kowloon. Please take a taxi to there to join in our tour. When the tour ends, we will transfer you back to Harbour Grand Kowloon.

Half Day Hong Kong Island Tour
USD49 per adult.
Pickup time: 12:50.
Pickup place: lobby of Harbour Grand Kowloon.

One Day Macau Tour
USD97 per adult.
Pickup time: 07:30.
Pickup place: lobby of Harbour Grand Kowloon.