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Dealing with Emergencies

When you want to have a vocation and ready for a journey, what you want is just to enjoy yourself during the tour. However, any emergencies will be occurred during the journey. Of course, choose a reliable travel company will help you solve many difficulties during the tour. But, it is better to know some basic information if you have a free and easy tour. The following are a list of questions you may meet during the tour:

What should I do if I lose my luggage at the airport?
Inform the service desk at once and report them at once. Then give the window clerk your baggage stub and they will track your bag on the computer. Write the claim form that staff given you and indicates the hotel address you will live and phone number. The luggage will reach you soon. Please also do not forget to keep a copy of this form.

How could I do if I am stolen or robbed?
Call free 110 for the police at once or report to the nearest police station. And inform your guide or tour leader when you join a group tour. If you lost something at the hotel, inform the hotel staff at once and ask them to call the police.

How could I do if I lose my passport?
1. Be sure to check if it is indeed lost before you report it. Once it’s reported lost, it is cancelled and no longer valid, and you’ll need a replacement. Please also note that offices handling such issues usually close on weekends and public holidays.
2. Ask your tour guide for assistance, and report the loss to the nearest Public Security Bureau, who will issue a certificate of loss for you.
3. Locate the nearest embassy or consulate of your own country and apply for a replacement passport in person. You’ll be required to complete a new passport application.
4. After the new passport is issued, go to the Public Security Bureau and apply for new visa.

What should I do if I lose my credit card?
Please inform your issue bank asap and follow the bank instructions.

How could I do if I get lost?
Please always take with you the contact details, such as your tour guide's phone number and your travel advisor’s phone number. With just a phone call, you can easily help you get your bearings. When you leave the hotel, please take a card of your hotel, then you can show it to the taxi driver when you need a ride. You can also ask for a help from the persons nearby, actually, most people are friendly to help you.
What should I do if I fall sick?

If you feel minor discomforts, please relax, have a rest and drink some water. Eat more fruits and stay away from overly fatty foods. Take some medicine if you see necessary. If you suffer from a serious illness, please go to the hospital or call 120 (toll free) for an ambulance. Please remember to bring a copy of your medical records with you when you travel.

What are the emergency phone numbers in China?
Mainland China: 110 -- Police119 -- Fire120 – Ambulance
Hong Kong & Macau: 999 -- Police/Fire/Ambulance