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Senior Travelers

Tips to arrange tour for senior travelers
1. Arrange relaxed place for senior traveler. Not arrange the itinerary too tight, leave more time for visiting and enjoy.
2. Send you the detailed itinerary with much information and let you know the itinerary better.
3. Considerate of your needs and arrange a more flexible tour
4. arrange well-located accommodation and let you have a peaceful environment

Choice of tour
It is better for you to arrange the tour in Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and so on. The high altitude and mountainous areas like in Tibet, Yunnan is not recommended. The Silk Road is also not recommended as the remote location with bad weather condition.

Choice of attractions
Senior travelers are very fond of Chinese traditional architecture and culture. So it is recommended that you can visit the historical cities, such as Xian with Terra-Cotta Warriors, Beijing with Forbidden City and so on.

The best transportation way for you is to take flight. If you want to enjoy the train in China, it is suggested that you can choose the bullet train or high speed train.

What to carry
1. Customers should buy insurance, and carry the insurance policy and company's phone number.
2. Carry relevant medical records and medication.
3. Carry family members' contact details.
4. When out doing free time activities carry your hotel's business card.
5. Don't carry too much money (about 2,000 yuan is usually enough). You can always change money at your hotel or nearest Bank of China, and ask for your guide's help if need be.