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TIBET GROUP VISA from Kathmandu to Lhasa


If you travel from Kathmandu to Lhasa

1) What kind of visa is required for Kathmandu to Lhasa ?

If you are travelling from Katmandu to Tibet, the visa (by land or by plane) is called TIBET GROUP VISA (TGV).   Please DO remember that you do NOT need to apply any other type of China visa from your home countries.
Every passenger is required for a TGV if you enter Tibet from Nepal.   And this TGV can only be issued from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. 

2) How to get TGV ?

* After you book the Tibet tour with a local agent, you will need to send your passport copy to the agent by email attachment. 
* If you also plan to travel further to mainland China after Tibet, you will need to specify which Chinese cities will be visited. And what date you plan to fly out of China.
* The local agent in Lhasa will go to Tibet Travel Bureau to apply an "China Group Inviation Letter" for you.
* The local agent in Lhasa will send  "China Group Inviation Letter" and your passportby email to an agent in Kathmandu.  
* The Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu works for the Tibet group visa on Monday, Wednesday, Friday only, the agent in Kathmandu will make an appointment with you by email:  when and where to collect your passport
* After you have arrived in Kathmandu, the agent will take you to the Chinese embassy to fill in the visa form (bring your original passport. You will also be required to forward 2 passport size photos (the photos must be 2.5*3.5 CM in size) at the embassy (you may bring 2 photos from home or just simply take instant photos in Kathmandu)

3) What is the cost of TGV ?

You will pay the cost to this agent in Kathmandu in cash.
Based on the visa application time and cost, there are 3 categories for your reference, and please note that The local Nepal agencies charge additional USD20 per person service charge according to the group size.
*Normal Application:
Days Required: 5 working days
Cost for American passport holders USD140
Other nationalities passport holders: USD50
*Urgent Application:
Days Required: 3 working days
Cost for American passport holders USD144
Other nationalities passport holders: USD65
*Top Urgent Application:
Days Required: 1.5 working days
Cost for American passport holders USD175
Other nationalities passport holders: USD85
For urgent request, if you arrive on Sunday and the agent will collect your passports and fill in the visa application form in the afternoon/evening, then complete the final process on Monday and obtain your Tibet group visa on the Monday noon time.