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Traveling with kids

China is a nice traveling country for family holidays. A family visit can
add entertainment during the tour and also can help the children to enhance the communication and recognize different culture. Of course, you may need to pay more attention to your children during the tour. It is better for you to make preparation before the tour.

Trip Planning
1. 1. Choose a destination which is suitable for you and your children.
2. Check all details of the tour to ensure it's suitable for you children.
3. Make sure the itinerary is interesting for the children, arranging some interesting scenic spots and fun filled activities.
4. Be sure to have the children's passport, Visa and insurance organized in advance.

Before Departure
If there are certain items and products which your children are accustomed to having. You should consider taking this with you. As in some remote cities in China you may not be able to buy or find these necessities. 

1. Favorite toys, books and snacks -- They will keep the children amused and soothe their anxiety.
2. Medical kit -- It’s best to pack a few precautionary items for small discomforts, just in case. On the list are medicine for headache, upset stomach, nausea and allergies, band aids and insect repellants.
3. Infant formula -- You can find them in supermarkets. But if you are a nervous parent or your child has any special needs, please bring some from your own country.
4. Feeding bottles and diapers -- You can find them in supermarkets. But if your child is used to any particular brands or has allergies, it’s best to stick to their usual ones.
5. Comfortable clothes, pajamas, socks and shoes -- Layers of clothes would be practical for putting on and off as the weather changes.
6. Disinfectant gel or cream -- Sometimes they are available in expensive supermarkets, but it is more convenient to pack a few bottles from home.
7. Sun creams, hats and raincoats.
8. Take a sling if you are traveling with a small baby so that your hands are free. For toddlers, take a fold-up stroller.
9. A copy of medical record of your child -- In case the child falls sick and needs to be sent to hospital, information on his/her past medical record can help with better diagnosis and treatment.

Here are some helpful tips while traveling in China: 

1. Contact your travel advisor or the hotel in advance, and discuss about the special cares your children need, such as an extra bed or crib.
2. Familiarize your children with hotel facilities and emergency procedures. Put away any dangerous items that may harm your children.
3. To prevent from wetting the bed, don’t let your children drink too much water before going to bed.

Eating & Drinking
1. Never drink tap water. You can use a water heater to get boiled water, or buy bottled water or mineral water from supermarkets. Recommended brands are Wahaha, Nestle, Watson's, Robust, and Nongfu Spring. There are also some imported foreign brands of bottled water available in upscale supermarkets.
2. If your children have allergies to certain foods or condiments, tell your travel advisor or the restaurants in advance.
3. Don't let your children eat food purchased from street vendors.
4. There are KFC and McDonald's in almost every city, and the tastes will be very familiar with the kids if they grow tired of Chinese meals.

1. Never let your children go anywhere alone, especially at scenic spots or crowded streets.
2. Let your children carry a note in case they do get separated from you or get lost. The note should have on it your name, phone number, your hotel's name, address and phone number, your tour guide’s name and phone number.
3. When you need to cross the road, hold your children's hand and wait for the green light. Always check both ways even when the green light is on.