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What to pack

We also do not wish the travel take too much during their tour, but some necessities need to be packed. The following is the list for packing which is helpful for you:

1. The passport with all necessary visas and travel documents, such as air tickets, confirmation letter of hotels and tour itinerary your travel company sent to you. It is recommended that you can bring 2-3 copies of all the documents and keep them separately to avoid lost.
2. Casual outdoor cloths depending on the weather and season. A pair of good shoes is necessary. Of course, an umbrella is also necessary. If you go to the beach, please do not forget to bring swimwear and sun cream.
3. “Carry On” luggage for air travel in China is limited to 2 pieces for first class travelers and one piece for business and economy class travelers. The dimensions of each shall not exceed 20X40 X55cm and the total weight of the above two pieces shall not exceed 5 kg. The carry on items in excess of the above mentioned shall be checked-in as checked baggage according to regulations.
4. Wallet
5. Credit card
6. Traveler’s cheque
7. Airline, cruise or train tickets
8. First-aid kit
9. Medicine and vitamins
10. Address and telephone number list. A list of e-mail addresses, mailing addresses and telephone numbers will help keep you in touch. Type them onto a sheet instead of taking your whole address book. It will save weight.
11. Confirmation letter with itinerary and hotel information which your travel company sent to you before.
12. Insect repellent. Especially for summer months and for travelers who are visiting rural areas.
13. Do not bring expensive jewelry and watches.
14. Medical records, daily necessities such as bathroom requirements are readily available throughout China and you may wish to save space by purchasing these items while you travel.
15. If you are taking a more adventurous trip, it's a good idea to take your own silk sleeping bag liner and lightweight travel towel along with a reasonable supply of tissues, torch, personal toiletries.
16. Chargers for your mobile phone, digital camera etc. An electrical transformer could be useful. China uses 220V electricity for 110v devices cannot be used on this system.