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Women Travelers

China is a safe city for traveling. The crime rate is quite low here, and the police tend to impose harsher punishment against crimes committed to foreigners, so it is generally unlikely to suffer serious harassment when traveling here. As a woman traveler, sometimes you may encounter some uncomfortable situations, but by taking certain precautions you can make your traveling expedition safe and enjoyable.

1. Dress more conservatively. Do not wear over-revealing clothes or expensive jewelry; it may encourage more unwanted attention.
2. Avoid waling alone at night
3. Make copies of your tour confirmation letter with contacts no. So you can contact your travel advisor in advance.
4. Keep your valuables in a secure place and pay more attention
5. There will be many vendors follow you and try to sell you something when you get out of the scenic spots. If you have no interest, just ignore them and keep going.
6. Never trust a stranger blindly. Do not leave your luggage to a stranger, also do not drink anything offered by a stranger.