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Karamay, Qaramay or Kelamayi (also: Karamai) is a prefecture-level city in the north of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, in northwestern China. Qaramay comes from the Uyghur language, and means "black oil". Karamay was the site of one of the worst disasters in modern Chinese history, the 12/8/94 incident, when 324 people, 288 of them school children, lost their lives in a cinema fire on 8 December 1994.

Kelamayi Quick Facts

English Name: Kelamayi

Railway Stations: Kelamayi Railway Station

Zip Code: 834000


Chinese Name: 克拉玛依 (kalāmǎyī)

Suburban Districts:

Airports: Kelamayi Airport

Area Code: 0990

Population: 390,000

Best Time to Visit: Spring , Autumn

Top Attractions in Kelamayi

Kelamayi Maps Free Download

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Shopping in Kelamayi

Junggar Avenue which is located near People's Square is the most prosperous place in Karamay.Visto can find almost everything they want here from the coastal and inland fashionable items to local characteristics ethnic minorities' goods.There are large green square and a variety of cultural and entertainment places near the commercial district.It's a great place to shopping in ...> See More

Restaurants (Food) in Kelamayi

In addition to the natural scenery, Karamay has unique specialties.There are many great restaurants in Karamay.Visto can find most ethnic snacks in Boda market on the Tiahan Road.The night market on Tahe Road is great.There are many famous Karamay snacks like Thao pepper chicken, fried shrimp, pilaf and Yellow noodles. Karamay Noodles With the golden color,the local noodl...> See More

Entertainment in Kelamayi

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