In order to visit China as a foreign traveler, you've got to apply, pay, and be approved for a visa. There are three ways you may take advantage of China’s Visa Exemption Policies:
NO1. Pearl River Delta Visa Exemption
Visitors travelling in a group, upon arrival in Hong Kong, can get a group Visa or 144-hour Convenient Visa to travel to Guangdong Province. This is a separate piece of paper (not attached to any passport), which requires that group members enter and exit China together.  >> More Info
Destinations:Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, Huizhou, Shantou and other places in Guangdong province.
Duration of Stay: Maximum 144 hours (6 days)
Most Popular Itineraries:
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NO2. Visa Exemption for Hainan
The provincial government of Hainan issued a preferential policy granting visa exemption to tourists holding private passports from 26 countries to promote tours in Hainan with duration of 21 days.>> More Info
Destinations: Hainan Province.
Duration of Stay:Maximum 21 days.
Most Popular Itineraries:
Sanya Beach Holiday 5 Days Tour
Haikou ,Sanya 5 Days Beach Tour >> More Hainan Tours
NO3. 72 Hour Visa Free Transits
This policy allows foreigners landing in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Chengdu, but destined for other countries, 72 hours to roam around the city without having to apply for a Visa.
Destinations: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou & Chengdu.
Duration of Stay:Maximum 72 hours
Most Popular Itineraries:
Beijing 72 Hours Transit Tours:
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Beijing 3 Days Layover Tour Package
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Shanghai 72 Hours Transit Tours:
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Guangzhou 72 Hours Transit Tours:
Guang Dong Ancient Town 3 Days Tour
Southern Water Town Guangzhou 2 Days Tour
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Chengdu 72 Hours Transit Tours:
Chengdu XiLing Snow Mountain 3 Days Tour
Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Mt. Qingcheng One Day Tour
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