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Check out the top 10 travel blogs that have the most views in 2014 from China Tour Advisors to find out what’s popular among travellers and get inspirations about where to go for 2015!
Leisure at Heijing Ancient Town – The
Four Ancient Towns in Yunnan
Views: 12,130
Heijing Ancient Town used to be the hometown to tribute local produced high quality salt in ancient times. Many people in Heijing became rich by...
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Top Places to Enjoy Peach Blossoms
in China at Spring
Views: 11,883
The pink and white peach blossoms that have the enchanting beauty and fascinating charm make them outstanding in the spring. Their...
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Appreciate the Shunan Bamboo Sea
Views: 11,399
The Shunan Zhuhai is a comparatively big primeval ecological bamboo forest combining mountains, rivers, karst caves, lakes and falls with...
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Spectacular Sightseeing at Qilian
Mountain Grassland
Views: 11,374
Qilian Mountain Grassland is one of the most beautiful grasslands in China. The spectacular scenery of vast grassland, charming virgin...
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Former Residence of Hu Xueyan in Hangzhou –
The most Luxury Mansion in Ancient China
Views: 11,310
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Travel to Delightful Apricot Valley in Yili This April
Views: 11,281
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Million Sunflower Garden of Guangzhou
Views: 11,112
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China’s Hunting Field for a Safari Tour at this Winter
Views: 11,056
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Adventure on the Guoliang Village Located in
the Taihang Mountain Cliff
Views: 10,974
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Top 5 Beautiful Lakes in China — Qinghai Lakel, West
Lake, Thousand-islet Lake, Namsto Lake, Lugu Lake.
Views: 10,957
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