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To Inner Mongolia
Inner Mongolia is one of the most enchanting places to tour with its vast green grasslands which is contrasted with its dry sandy deserts. Experience the native Mongolian grassland culture and traditional entertainment such as wrestling, horse riding and archery. You can also choose to trek or take an exciting drive through the mysterious deserts where you can enjoy the sun and heat. Enjoy the traditional Mongolian cuisine and even stay in Yurts which is possibly one of the most unique memories you can have of your trip to Inner Mongolia!
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Amazing Tours of
Inner Mongolia
Take an unforgettable tour to the land of golden sand scenery and green prairies. Experience one of the most insightful tours you can ever imagine.
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Delicious Mongolian Cuisine
Mongolian cuisine is famous for its dairy and barbecued meats. Taste the savory dishes and enjoy the signature milk brewed vodka.
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Culture of Inner Mongolia
The distinctive Mongolian culture can be highlighted by the Naadam Festival which is the major festival of the Inner Mongolia grasslands. Catch a glimpse of the traditional culture of the Mongolian people during the grandest festival of the year.
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